Hydromatic Technologies Corporation
Hydromatic Technologies Corporation

939 Armstrong Blvd

Kissimmee, FL 34741

United States

TEL: (407) 350-4824
FAX: (407) 483-7915
Hydromatic Technologies is the manufacturer of the SAFEMATE CLOTHES DRYER, which is the world's most Safest clothes dryer that will not ignite Lint, which is a source of more than 15,600 Dryer Fires each year. In addition to unmatched safety against dryer fires, the SAFEMATE CLOTHES DRYER is an energy efficient and GREEN technology Clothes Dryer that reduces CO2 emissions while prolonging the life expectancy of fabrics due to its low heat drying characteristics and fast drying times.
Michael Brown
(407) 749-5869
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  Years Established: 6 - 10
  Annual Sales: < 1 million
  Type of Business: Manufacturer